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Knowing a foreign language will increase your chances of success in many aspects of life and, at Portsmouth Language College, we can help…

Spanish or French Evening courses

At Portsmouth Language College, we can offer excellent French or Spanish lessons at a fair price with a small number of students and a native speaker teacher. Our lessons are designed to be communicative, topic-based and enjoyable.

The main focus is on practical language you need in the French or Spanish speaking country. The classes are based around a coursebook, some of which is used for self-study at home.

Our courses are for 1 evening per week and run at 4 different periods in the year. Here is the typical timetable:

Mon or Weds (2 hours per week)
18.30-20.30 French (Beginners)
18.30-20.30 French (Elementary)
18.30-20.30 French (Intermediate)
18.30-20.30 Spanish (Beginners)
18.30-20.30 Spanish (Elementary)
18.30-20.30 Spanish (Intermediate)
18.30-20.30 Italian (Beginners)
18.30-20.30 German (Beginners)
18.30-20.30 Portuguese (Beginners)
Higher levels available as Private classes

Classes are subject to a minimum enrolment of 4 students and there is a maximum of 12 students per class. However, the average class size is about 6.

Each new student will need to pay an enrolment fee of £25, which includes a FREE coursebook.

French and Spanish Course dates 2015

WINTER COURSE Monday 12th January – Wednesday 1st April 2015 (12 weeks)
SPRING COURSE Monday 13th April – Wednesday 17th June 2015 (10 weeks)
SUMMER COURSE Monday 6th July – Wednesday 26th August 2015 (8 weeks)
AUTUMN COURSE Monday 14th September – Wednesday 3rd December 2015 (12 weeks)
If there is a Bank Holiday Monday, classes will be moved to Tuesday that week

For course fees, please see the Pricelist

Want to study a different language?

Portsmouth Language College is committed to providing linguistic services at a reasonable price. Tell us the language you want to study and we will make every effort to arrange a suitable teacher and provide a classroom for your lessons. All we ask is that you pay a minimum fee of £60 to secure your course.

023 9273 2113